Annual Report Cover

Message from the President & Chair

Sister Georgette Gregory

Connection is the theme we have chosen for Fontbonne Ministries’ 2018-19 annual report. Today, with our busy and sometimes virtual lives, our need for human connection is stronger than ever. As we form meaningful connections, we are better able to empathize with others.

The Sisters of St. Joseph have always understood this need. From our very first steps onto the shores of the Toronto harbour in 1851 where Sisters tended to the needs of the sick, homeless and hungry – to today where our ministries provide vital connections that serve both heart and mind, we sow the seeds of compassion by assisting others. Fontbonne Ministries is an important ministry for us to continue our mission of “nurturing community with our neighbour.

During a morning mass in September of this year, Pope Francis spoke of the need for compassion: “We must ask ourselves, ‘How many times do we look away?’ By doing so, we close the door to compassion.” With that in mind, thank you for supporting Fontbonne Ministries; it allows us to open the door for the ‘dear neighbour.’ Coming together to build community is integral to Fontbonne Ministries and to building positive connections in the world at large.

– Sister Georgette Gregory

Message from the Executive Director

Headshot of Ben Vozzolo

Over the course of my first year as Executive Director of Fontbonne Ministries, I have been meeting the people we serve, learning about our history and programs and getting to know the team of staff and volunteers who make everything happen.

The mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph to build community with the “dear neighbour” is expressed through the diversity of Fontbonne Ministries’ programs. A consistent theme present in our organization is that of connections. Every one of our programs offers the people we serve opportunities to connect – connections of companionship; connections of support with regards to food, clothing, housing and well-being; connections to spirituality, and connection to one’s inner self through creativity and art. The connections with our community partners enable all of us to strengthen our ability to serve our “dear neighbours” whoever and wherever they may be.

With guidance from Sisters and the Board of Directors, the support of our donors, and the work of our dedicated staff and volunteers, we are poised to ensure that the mission of the Sisters of St. Joseph continues through Fontbonne Ministries. I’m energized about the opportunities of the next year and beyond. Stay tuned!

– Ben Vozzolo

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