Fontbonne Place


Creating a Home for Older, Single Women.


Fontbonne Place, located at 791 Queen Street East, holds 18 affordable apartments for older women who otherwise would be homeless or inadequately housed, in response to Toronto’s lack of affordable housing.
Each rent-geared-to-income apartment is a one-bedroom unit. Each resident is welcome to take part in the Mustard Seed community programs that unfold in the same building.

When choosing a population in need of housing, Fontbonne Ministries decided to reach out to:

  • Single women, 40-60 years of age;
  • Canadian citizens or landed immigrants or convention refugees or refugee claimants;
  • In one of the following situations: in need of rent-geared-to-income housing, or currently homeless or under-housed, or in danger of losing housing, or living in an untenable situation;
  • Able to provide for their own physical and mental health needs, either on their own or by arranging for the services of community agencies;
  • Capable of living independently and able to assume total responsibility for activities of daily living such as self-care, mobility, communication, cooking, housekeeping and shopping;
  • Desirous of living cooperatively in a multicultural environment and making a positive social contribution to Fontbonne Place and the other residents.
A photograph of the front facade of Fontbonne Place



791 Queen Street East Toronto, ON M4M 1H6


Phone: 416-465-6069 Ext. 5229
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