Fontbonne Ministries offers diverse programs that are welcoming and inclusive. The charity was founded in 2000 by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto, a community of women who, through their compassionate presence, respond to various needs.

Fontbonne Ministries continues their mission of reflecting the love of God and neighbour.

Since their beginnings in mid 17th century France, the Sisters of St. Joseph have offered food and shelter to those in need. When Sister Delphine Fontbonne and three other Sisters arrived in Toronto in 1851, they continued this legacy of compassion.

Named after Sister Delphine, programs address one or more of today’s pressing societal needs: affordable housing, outreach for those who are isolated, activities that build community in a large urban setting, opportunities to connect with others and grow spiritually, and the chance to be creative in an accepting environment.

The goal of each program is to meet the specific needs of their local communities while working with other organizations to offer services and opportunities that might not otherwise be available. Everyone is welcome without distinction.


Mission Statement

Inspired by the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph, we foster community and wellbeing through welcoming and inclusive programs for the most socially isolated among us.


Nurturing Community, Dignity and Spirit.


  • Respect: We value each person as a distinct expression of God’s love and invite each other to discover and to celebrate our unique gifts.
  • Advocacy: We respond to society’s evolving needs and mobilize positive change through transformational leadership.
  • Community: We work together with neighbours and partners to build strong relationships that are mutually supportive and collaborative.
  • Compassion: We give our full attention to each person and show understanding, empathy and sensitivity to their needs.
  • Accountability: We use the resources entrusted to us with care, and make sustainable choices that will benefit future generations.


1851: Sisters Arrive in Toronto

On October 7, 1851, Mother Delphine Fontbonne and three other Sisters arrived in Toronto. They took charge of an already established orphanage at 100 Nelson Street (now Jarvis). The city was filled with Irish immigrants who had fled the ravages of famine at home, and the Sisters attended to the needs of orphans, widows and people who were sick and dying.

2000: Fontbonne Ministries Founded

Fontbonne Ministries is established by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto to be a sustainable expression of their mission of reflecting the love of God and neighbour. Mustard Seed, an outreach ministry, begins operation at 753 Queen Street East.

2002: In Good Company Launched

In Good Company is launched, providing a coordinated visiting program in the Greater Toronto Area for individuals seeking emotional, spiritual and social support.

2002: Fontbonne Place Opens

After construction in 2002, Fontbonne Place officially opens at 791 Queen Street East. Fontbonne Place has 18 apartments with rent-geared-to-income residences for older single women.

2006: Faith Connections Established

Faith Connections is established, encouraging young adults (18 – 39) to participate in opportunities to foster spiritual growth and community. Faith Connections joins Fontbonne Ministries in 2010.

2008: Studio on the Hill Joins Fontbonne

Studio on the Hill joins Fontbonne Ministries. Established in 1996 under the direction of Sister Helen Kluke, located in East York, the studio offers students of all ages a peaceful environment to create with clay.

2009: Village Mosiac Opens

Village Mosaic opens on February 18, 2009 in South Etobicoke. Development of this ministry for seniors began in 2007. This ministry offers older adults hospitality and the opportunity to build community.


Hailee Morrison
Executive Director
    AnnMarie Marcolin
    Director, Community Programs and Partnerships


      Sister Georgette Gregory, CSJ
      Board Member
        Joan Breech
        Board Chair & President
          Sister Annette Lacroix, CSJ
          Board Member
            Patricia Stoddart
            Board Member
              Hume Martin
              Board Member
                John West
                Board Member
                  Helen Vander Hoeven
                  Board Member
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