Serving on Boards and Committees as a Catholic

Serving on Boards and Committees as a Catholic

In 2020, Toronto Catholics marked the first annual Stewardship Sunday: a reminder that all our time, talent, and treasure are gifts of God’s love meant to be spent in service of others. One way we can offer our gifts to others is through serving on a board or committee whether of a charity, non-profit, business, or other institution. In this webinar, experienced Catholic board leaders will share their stories and you’ll learn:

  • Who should consider serving on a board, and why;
  • How Catholic social teaching calls us to serve our neighbours;
  • How board service can help you grow in faith, particularly in serving your neighbours and living out your Gospel values; and,
  • Explore¬†opportunities to serve on a board.

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Nov 25 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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